Top Tips to send a parcel overseas!


Social networks are getting and spreading globally around the world which is highly scattered by families and friends. We ourselves have moved well over five times over the last decade which makes gift-giving both easier and harder in away.

While it makes people extremely happy that this saves their dreaded shopping trips to the mall, also it is being realized by them that they needed to be prudent about sending parcels abroad.

This year, we decided to be way smarter about sending and receiving presents so we have come up with some tips in order to have a stress-free online gift-giving (and receiving) experience.

Whether you are a business shipping commercial goods around the world or an individual who is sending gifts and parcels to relatives to out of boundaries, there are so many things to accept when sending a parcel abroad. There are forms to fill out, and many formalities that have to be done, guidelines to be followed, correct packaging to be done and restrictions to get your head around. 

To make the process a little bit easier, here are five tips to guide you through the international shipping process. 

1. Keep an eye on Customs Regulations 

Custom restrictions are being taken into consideration while sending the parcel through the online service platform. Regulations vary from one country to another. Additionally, some items may be completely prohibited while others may require special attention in the form of certificates or licenses for customs clearance. 

So it’s always a responsibility to check international requirements before you ship anything overseas so that it will not resist in between of its journey.

 2. The convenient packaging of products that have to be sent:

Parcels can go overseas and travel thousands of miles to reach their destinations. They often make multiple locations on which they have to make their stop and could undergo sorting and processing in multiple locations. While your courier faculty which is trading in your parcel will do their very best to take good care of your parcel, it’s vital that you pack it properly. 

3. Accurate weightage and measurement of parcel: 

It’s important that you weigh and measure your parcel as accurately and honestly as possible. Because the better your accuracy the effective are the costs. The shape, length, height, weight, and girth or any kind of measurement of the parcel are all used to count your shipping price. If your parcel is larger or heavier than stated, the courier may refuse it or you could face additional charges. 

4. Details to provide

All couriers will definably have a Delivery address, but it’s also important to provide your phone number and email address and that of the receiver, holds impacting delivery. A little bit of information may help you to up to date with the details which may be useful for you in any circumstances.

5. Choose the best & Trusted Courier:

One way to guarantee that your parcel will arrive in good condition and on time is by using a reliable and well-known courier service. Always buy around, consider views of the courier companies and get two to three citing from trusted companies. 

By following these five simple tips, you’ll be able to ensure your parcel complies with customs regulations while packaged and labeled correctly for successful delivery. Take a look on the internet for the best courier services and choose the most usable option for your courier.

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