Parcel security in TRANSIT:


Before going to shipment status term that is; in transit, we should have some crux about parcel security. What do you mean by security? A good answer is that the state of feeling safe and being free from worry or protection against the difficulties of anything. 

But in the reference of parcel security, it can be defined as the security of parcel from any kind of risk or threat because it’s the responsibility of the sender to properly send that parcel to the receiver, in case of online orders or couriers the order can be missing or can be sent to the wrong address. In this case, the receiver has the right to complain against this. 

So, parcel security is a must while operating a parcel contract.

Now, there is a term “IN TRANSIT” which tells about the status of the parcel that means the parcel is picked and it is on its way.

When your parcel is in ‘TRANSIT’ and it is going to get delivered that indicates that the courier company received and picked up the parcel with them and on its way to the address that is mentioned by the sender to deliver it at its actual destination but, there is a situation when 

…Parcel stuck in Transit…that the package is no longer progressing towards its destination and it is either kept in one of the courier company’s depots for further checks or stuck in the customer.

Sometimes it showed this kind of problem:


  • Customs clearance

  • The package is oversized/overweight 

  • Changes in the order

  • Undeliverable shipment

  • Improper packaging 

  • Wrong or Incomplete address

  • Lost package

Over the years the parcel security these days has been remarkably good and the importance of letters and parcels experience with no difficulty. Every so often there’ll be a small difficulty, but the input of surveillance cameras and other systems have a tendency to point to the parcel's whereabouts at any one period of time so there are very fewer chances of losing the parcel and if it happens anytime the there is special assistance provided for the purpose of special parcels like these which are being lost and are costlier in value and price.


It is important to keep in mind to make the assumptions of the delivery time and the transhipment. When the parcel is received by the prescribed faculty it is being seen that there is an average calculated based on the time that it is given to a parcel company to bring a package to its destination. Distance and type of services is based upon the delivery time of the parcel as it considers a physics effect of distance, speed and the time.  Hence, in transit parcel security is a must.

It is important to have the transhipment details with us so that we have a proper verification documentary with us which can be usable at the time of transhipment of material and goods that are being getting courier. This works as security to us and surety to all parties.

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