Is a PC or computer necessary for online tracking?


There is a common idea and thought process among various individuals that if they want to perform any online tracking for their Package, then it is necessary to have a PC or a computer with proper internet connection but as you and we know that there it is not so, To track a Parcel a tracking website you can do it with your mobile phone with the version of Android or iOS systems.

Although, it is very much necessary to have an internet connection with a minimum downloading speed of 25 Mbps and an uploading speed of 3Mbps as given by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Using PC is a good method for tracking any shipment but there are some implications that are required to use it, such as:

  1. Your PC has a better internet with fast speed connection.

  2. PC must be cleared with any viruses so that it does not get hanged while doing any task on it. 

  3. There is a securable antivirus system installed in your PC, so that if the parcel is confidential its information will not go into any wrong hands.

  4. You must have the correct ID or say the tracking shipment no. so that it will be easy for you to track the package.

Having a mobile phone makes it easier for any individual to track the package at any time, any place and in any situation. According to research based study it is being estimated that 75% of the population is engaged in use of mobile phone including both iPhone and android mobiles, who give highly preference to mobile phone over PC’s for tracking the parcel. 

It is the very convenient, fast, time saving manner of parcel tracking which also ensures the required information to be securable and assured. Although, there are various parcel E-Tracking system that benefits every individual for tracking the shipment and get the correct and needed information in a short span of time.

Mobile v/s Desktop users 2019-2020 

53% of web traffic worldwide came from mobile users in 2019, compared to 56.7% from desktop users.

Unfortunately, still, it is being a common question in everyone’s mind for PC’s and mobile phones, but it is confirmed that all the Parcel tracking websites such as Packchase work in both of the Hardware if needed details are available.

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