How does parcel tracking works?


Before going ahead, we must have some reviews about the courier or package tracking system. We all are aware of the online trackage and courier tracking which is famously is a common need for the requester of good and services, which satisfy them that their demand is on the way with proper security and on time or late because of some natural issues which create a peace of mind and also have a feeling that their courier is safe. Through tracking, one can trace their parcel or courier on that particular period of time at that particular location which is commonly known as courier or parcel tracking.

…Now it’s time to move forward to the functionality of the courier or package tracking system…

Many parcel companies now provide DPD tracking service, DHL or UPS tracking, from collection to final delivery, they provide regular scans updates. Scans tell you where your parcel is and its current status.

Here is a quick guide to status terms which is a major function of courier or parcel trackage system for the insight of receivers and for their security of purchasing: -

  • BILLING INFO RECEIVED…request has been completed and your parcel is scheduled for collection

  • IN TRANSIT…your parcel has been collected and is on its way 

  • EXCEPTION…there is a delay with your shipment. Check the scan info for further 0info

  • DELIVERED…your parcel has arrived and been signed for by the recipient.

These status terms are defined by the parcel tracker system by which both parties have a feeling of security and in touch with live tracking.


If your parcel’s status is shown as ‘exception’, this means there is a potential delay or issue with your delivery. This could be for a number of different reasons so please check the scan info and contact the parcel company customer service team if you need further advice.


One of the most common causes of delays when using a courier service is making an error with the address you’re shipping to. This can be easily avoided if you use their postcode checker, or the postcode look-up prompts within their Quick Quote booking tool.

We have studied the work of parcel tracking system through providing a tracking number and one can know their parcel status through this tracking number…now we will debate about the proper functioning of courier and parcel tracking system: -

Tracking a package or courier includes a tedious process of centralized package and shipment containers and different parcels at the time of sorting and delivery.

The initial motive of this parcel tracking system is to provide customers with information about the details of the route and size prices of the package, delivery status, estimated delivery date, and the estimated time of delivery through the status terms that have discussed before.

The main function of a parcel tracking system from the establishment of the request made to request done is as follows: -

  • Bar code generation

  • Scan barcode details

  • Storing the Scanned Data 

  • Receiving the product

  • Re-scanning the barcode

  • Out for delivery

  • Product Delivery

 The parcel tracking system also provides an AWB number on the website of the courier company. 

The tracking system has become extremely refined, a humble and big thanks to the advanced technology platforms that they now use. Even if your package is thousands of miles away, you will be able to track it with just a click on your mobile or on your mouse.

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